Light & Shade: How the Colours in Your Home Can Change Your Mood

19th May 2016

Who knew the colours you use in your home decor scheme could actually affect your mood? We certainly didn’t. Well, thinking about it I suppose we did. I mean, it’s funny how a simple change of your bed linen, or a quick paint freshen up can actually make you feel better, isn’t it?

In fact, painting the walls of your home may do more than spruce up your rooms in terms of their appearance. It’s actually thought that the shades you choose could even alter your state of mind – but how?

We’ve put our all into creating this fun infographic, which explains all – simply click on it (below) to view it in more detail.


color-infographicThe folks over at Inhabitat blog certainly gree that colour has a huge impact on our mood; they kindly shared our infographic and it’s got everyone talking over on the site.

For instance, while bright shades like yellow and orange inspire happiness and creativity in many of us, it’s believed that blue tones have a calming effect.

The handy infographic you see above will help you decide if the colour choices you’ve settled on for your own home are, in fact, the right ones for you.

What do you think? Can a simple thing like colour brighten (or darken) your mood? Is colour important to you, or don’t you give it much thought?

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