In the Spotlight: Meet Our US Sales Manager, Ruth

02nd December 2015

With the launch of our New York showroom in full swing, we thought it’d be great to put faces to the names of our showroom managers. Starting in the US (in North Carolina), we’ll then jet set our way to the UK.


Not only the birth place of a very famous fizzy drink, did you know that North Carolina is also home to our High Point showroom manager Ruth Olbrych? Ruth’s love of Chesterfields and their heritage stems from her passion of selling antiques, so you can be sure she knows her stuff when it comes to selling chesterfields, alongside some of the other high end pieces you’ll find in her showroom.

“I get great pleasure in gaining the confidence of the online shopper, ” Ruth tells us, “I always assure them that the company they are dealing with is one that stands behind their product and that the sofa or chair they will receive will be above and beyond what they will expect.

“Good customer service is something that I take pride in providing, and along the way I am happy to make a friend or two, selling British Chesterfield sofas and Chinese antiques.”

So, what about Ruth’s hobbies and interests?

“What I do and what would like to do are two different things.  Right now I enjoy running and biking. My family time is important and as I have kids in NYC, Toronto and San Diego, and as such find myself either ;out and about; a lot or on the phone frequently. If I had more time I’d spend it reading, writing and doing cross stitch.

DC is bringing the chesterfield sofa from the UK, which although you can replicate the sofas in the US, the fact remains that the chesterfield originates from England and so there is a real cache in the fact that we are bringing it from UK to our customers home today.”

And Ruth’s favourite Chesterfield?

My initial response would be the Drummond in the devil Arabica, as shown on the website.  I’ve always been drawn to that, hands down. However, the sofa I would like to buy for my house, to put in my office, would be a purple leather (actually I would love it in purple velvet as well but I’m afraid the cat hair might be too much with the velvet) London sofa bed, which would look great against my peacock coloured walls.

Finally, we ask Ruth what makes us different to our competitors?

“What is amazing is that the bulk of our customers buy from us sight unseen/ trusting that they are going to get what they envision their sofa to be. There are some that really do need to sit and see and so it is wonderful that we have two strategically placed showrooms/one being in High Point, NC and the other opening up soon in NYC. For you to do just that, if you need to sit and see, visiting whatever showroom is convenient to you, will serve to seal the deal and rest assured you will follow through on placing your order.”

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