How to Clean a Chesterfield Sofa: Some Top Tips

23rd April 2016

Seeing as spring is the perfect time for a good clean, we’re bringing you some top tips when it comes to polishing up your prized possession: your new chesterfield sofa.


Take care of your chesterfield and it will offer years of use and continue to look as good as the day you received it.

Looking after your leather chesterfield sofa is a fairly straight-forward process; you donโ€™t need very many cleaning products for everyday use. And guess what else? Bovine hides are convenient in that they can be wiped clean should spillages occur.

We recommend you use a damp, warm and soft cloth on your chesterfield each week, to keep it looking clean and fresh. You can also remove a build-up of dust with a simple dusting cloth.

The Effects of Heat

The heat can really dry out your leather โ€“ it is skin, after all. So if your sofa or chair is feeling a little tight or dry, itโ€™s important to treat it with a good leather creamer. This is basically a moisturiser which will work to re-hydrate the leather and restore its soft and supple feel.


Always look for a cleaner suitable for aniline leather and follow the instructions carefully and thoroughly.

Please note:

  • Never use abrasive materials on your sofa or chair, as these may damage the finish
  • Regularly dust your chesterfield to reduce the ingress of grime
  • Treat leather every six months or so with an approved leather cleaning product
  • Keep your sofa out of harsh natural light

chesterfield sofa bed

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