DIY: How to Transform a Wicker Chair with Annie Sloan Paint

30th June 2014

Imagine the dilemma: You’ve inherited a well-worn family chair that’s been passed from relative to relative. The thing is, though, you believe it has no place in your home until you’ve ensured it can be incorporated effortlessly into your decor. After all, you haven’t spent years getting your home just right, only to have one piece of furniture throw the whole scheme out of balance!

So, what do you do? You do what our content manager Lauren did recently and head to the nearest Annie Sloan chalk paint stockist to give your old piece a much-needed breath of fresh air. Or injection of colour. Lauren was inspired by her pal Virginia, who’d taken an old wicker chair herself and painted it up using a pale lilac shade, before adding a homemade cushion and giving it pride of place on the decking in her garden (see below).


Virginia’s painted wicker chair, above

Next to Virginia’s efforts, above, Lauren’s chair doesn’t look quite as spectacular, but the duck egg blue shade she chose to spruce up her old wicker chair proved a hit. Here’s what to do…

1. Begin by selecting the shade of Annie Sloan chalk paint which will best complement the decor in your chosen room. The great thing about this product is that it can be painted straight onto almost any surface, requiring very little effort and overall maintenance. Lauren opted for a duck egg blue for her white wicker chair, and one coat of paint was more than enough to offer a smooth, streak-free appearance.


Above: The Annie Sloan chalk paint range

2. Choose a good sized brush that’s suitable for the type of paint you’re using. Annie Sloan (the brand) offers special brushes which can be used with the paint itself; they’re perfect when used with this product, which has a unique consistency and can be watered down while still helping you achieve a good all-over colour.

3. Using your paint brush and a paint mixing tray, mix your paint with water (as directed on the paint instructions). This will help you achieve an even colour while ensuring the paint goes much further.

4. Covering your floor with plenty of old newspaper, place your clean and dry wicker chair on it and begin painting. Be careful to apply the paint evenly, and be aware that this paint can be a little watery. Avoid the product seeping through the paper and onto your carpet by painting your chair in the garden or yard if you’re worried.

5. Using a smaller brush, ensure you get into the nooks and crannies of your chair and use two coats all over if necessary. Leave to dry – et voila, a beautiful new wicker chair!

Have you ever transformed an old piece of furniture with a lick of paint?

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming months for a lighthearted interview with Annie Sloan herself.

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