Distinctive Chesterfields: How to Antique a Chesterfield – Part 2

08th May 2014

Did you catch part one of our rundown on how we antique a chesterfield sofa? If not, make sure you head over to have a peek; you’ll want to watch the video and read the description to see exactly how we achieve this desirable finish on our furniture here at Distinctive Chesterfields. And to conclude our video tutorials on the subject, here’s the second and final very short recording which reveals how we ensure your sofa or chair is delivered to you with an authentic ‘antiqued’ finish.

The above video shows how we can darken down the lighter colour once the antique process has been carried out. Should there be a change of mind in level of ‘rub off’ while still in our workshop, this can be easily rectified. Above, our workshop manager Will, shows how it’s done.

Please note: this process is available for antique leathers only.

Don’t forget to keep an eye here on the blog to meet our workshop team; we’ll be bringing you some staff bios later this week!

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