Dark Times Equal Dark Interiors: An Insight

03rd March 2017

Interiors trends can be inspired by a host of things, with music, fashion and the seasons of the year being just a few. But who would have thought politics would be instrumental in dictating our choices of furniture and accessories in the home?!

Well, according to a recently published article on De Zeen, everything from Brexit to Donald Trump have caused some of us to rethink – whether consciously or otherwise – our interiors scheme.

Apparently, white walls are taking a backseat and, due to political instability, homeowners in the UK and the US are opting for black walls and monochrome furniture.

It’s all about wanting to ‘nest’, says Lotta Agaton – the interior designer behind an annual trends exhibition at a Stockholm furniture fair. A high-profile stylist, Lotta suggests that many of us are going for darkly-hued rooms in this time of uncertainty.

Speaking on the De Zeen site, Lotta said: “During recent years of stability and safety, we have had bright white spaces that are open for exposure. But in darker times when the political and economic climate get more uncertain, you want to nest a little bit.”

Meanwhile, some homeowners are opting for richer, more colourful shades in order to bring a little life to their home – and perk up their mood in the process!

In the De Zeen piece, Lotta added: “We have more cosy environments with dark walls that feel embracing. It’s like with winter and spring, but in a larger way. It is interesting to think about the impact Trump will have on trends,” she said. “Is it not going to be so manly? Are we going to get pink offices? I think interiors reflect those big political changes.”

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