Festive Table Centre DIY

05th December 2013

In the run up to Christmas, we’ll be bringing you plenty of festive hints and tips here on the blog to make sure your holiday period is the best one yet, and, more importantly, runs smoothly and with little stress.

When it comes to homemade gifts and trinkets, some of you may well be reading this and thinking ‘I don’t have time for all that’, but should you give it a go, this DIY for a homemade table centre will prove to be one of the simplest things you’ll make this December. Trust us…

It’s so easy, in fact, you could get the kids to help – and this candy cane candle table centre offers a subtle yet sophisticated touch to your festive decor.


The great news is you’ve probably got a lot of the materials you’ll need for making this table centre lying around at home, too.

What you’ll need:

* An old vintage saucer, big white plate or cake stand

* A white or red pillar (church-style) candle

* A bunch of candy canes (the amount depends on how thick your candle is

* A hair tie/elastic band

* A thick length of festive ribbon


Right, let’s get going…

* Start by placing your stretchy hair tie around the base of your candle; this helps keep all your candy canes in place once you slot them in.

* Now, simply begin adding your candy canes one by one, tucking them under the hair tie. I’ve made mine go slightly slanted here, as I think it looks nicer that way. Be careful when popping them in that you’re not too heavy-handed; it’s surprising how easily the candy canes snap.

* Grab your ribbon and tie it around the hair tie to conceal it. I used some red velvet-esque ribbon bought in the local market.

* For the final flourish, add your festive creation to a fancy cake stand, vintage plate or whatever else you have lying around. Et voila!

Will you be having a go at making this easy table centre? Go on, give it a go…and let us know how you get on by commenting below.

Have you made anything from scratch ahead of Christmas? Of course, the dedicated workshop team here at Distinctive Chesterfields is currently working on getting your Chesterfield orders out, each one handmade. But tell us, what have you made this Christmas? Have you baked a cake, or made some homemade wine?

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