Christmas Eve Festivities: Top Three Games For Kids

24th December 2013

So you’ve peeled the spuds and you’ve wrapped the kids’ last few presents. Got some spare time ahead of the big day tomorrow? We’ve rounded up our top three games from across the web that you can break out and surprise the little ones with. The best bit? They’re completely free!

1. Christmas Bingo

We’ve all played regular bingo at least once before, but have you tried your hand at a festive version of the game? No? Well, now you can, thanks to these free printables via the gorgeous blog Crazy Little Projects. Amber, the blog’s owner, has created this stunning free version; simply print off the bingo cards and use small sweets as the markers. Once the card is covered with sweets, the winner gets all the enjoyment of excitedly shouting ‘Bingo’ before his or her opponents. Perhaps you could also award them with a small festive prize, too?  We think your little ones – or even the bigger kids in your family – will love this fun festive take on the original game. Will you be giving it a go?

To use: Simply click on the link (above), open the PDF file and print. There’s also a free coordinating Christmas memory game available in the blog post; make sure you don’t miss it. Head over to Amber’s blog and wish her a Merry Christmas!


2. Santa’s Treasure Hunt

Pop over to the blog Mother’s Niche to print out this free Christmas-themed Santa’s treasure map, complete with festive clues. Use chocolate gold coins or similar festive treats to hide for the little ones – they’ll love it. Kristina, the blog’s author, said she spent hours creating this Christmassy masterpiece, so if you have time make sure you print it out to give your kids a surprise. You could even hide their actual Christmas presents from Santa around the house on December 25 – makes the festivities last a bit longer and they’ll always remember the excitement of discovering their gifts around the house.

Kristina has some great tips over on the blog post itself about how you can enjoy this treasure hunt in different ways, as well as some great places you can hide the small gifts. Don’t forget to let us know how you got on and please do pop over to Kristina’s lovely blog too to leave her a nice comment.

3. Pinecone Toss party game

We spotted this fun and extremely easy Pinecone Toss party game on the Paging Supermom blog and thought you’d love it as much as we do. Basically, you find some old buckets or festive containers, marking on them their ‘points value’, before spreading them around your garden (or at least in a room without many breakables). Next, you take a handful of pine cones and dish them out to players. Spray one of them gold and it’ll be worth double points, according to the rules of this fun game. Find the full rules over on the Paging Supermom blog; we like it as it’s easy for little kids as it is for everyone else. Go on, give it a go!

Not got time to get these games printed out and organised today? Don’t worry; why not give them a go in a few days, when the festive films have all been watched and the new board games played? Have fun! And don’t forget to tell us if you have any of your own family traditions when it comes to festive games by commenting below.

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Finally, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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