What Chesterfields Mean to Me

30th January 2014

In the second of our ‘What Chesterfields Mean to Me’ series here on our blog, online marketing and content manager Lauren explains why she loves this distinctive style of furniture.

Now, as much as I’d love to say I have a real heart-wrenching emotional connection with a wing back chair, I’m afraid my story’s not quite so meaningful. Or OTT. I haven’t discovered a beloved pet has passed away on the beautifully plump cushions of a leather Chesterfield, neither have I enjoyed afternoon tea on one with the Lord of the Manor, pinkie finger in the air while delicately sipping from a china cup, Downton Abbey-style. And I’ve never perched on a Chesterfield wing back chair, goblet of brandy in hand while Prince Charming kneels at my perfectly polished heels, diamond engagement ring in hand and expectant smile on face.

But what I will say is I blimming love Chesterfields – and that’s all you need to know. When it comes to furniture, does it really get much deeper than, well, a deep, deep love for the piece in question?

Mine is a love that stems from my passion for all things vintage. It’s complemented by the fact I’m a huge fan of anything remotely handmade, and I mean, who doesn’t love the fact that their Chesterfield has been handcrafted with them firmly in mind? After all, here at Distinctive Chesterfields we offer a completely bespoke service. Your Chesterfield is made from scratch and by hand in our busy Yorkshire workshop. and love really does go into each and every stitch; every distinctive leather or fabric button firmly pressed in place, and each metal stud proudly blasted on.


It’s a love that you can see in all its glory on Facebook, as our customers excitedly share photos of their brand new piece of Chesterfield furniture with fellow fans over on the page. They tell us their living room is ‘complete’. That they’ve ‘longed for a Chesterfield – and now they have one’. They also talk of how they love nothing more than getting cosy in front of the fire – maybe even with that goblet of brandy in hand – on the new, plump cushions of their Chesterfield chair or sofa. And do you know what, they’re all preaching to the converted.

Of course, Chesterfields aren’t for everyone. The brand offers a look that’s instantly recognisable, down to the curved edges, luxurious-looking stud work, and buttoned backs of its sofas and chairs.

When I clapped eyes on this regal-looking wing back chair in deluxe ebony (above), sitting proudly in our Chesterfield showroom, I knew almost instantly it had to be mine. And, dear readers, it soon found its way to my living room. It’s like that with the Chesterfield.

It isn’t just a piece of furniture. No, it’s much, much more than that…

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