What Chesterfields Mean to Me, By Louise Calvert

29th March 2014

If you’ve read any of the other ‘What Chesterfields Mean to Me’ featured here on the Distinctive Chesterfields blog, you’ll know just how much people love this recognisable brand of furniture. So much so, in fact, that owning a chesterfield sofa or chair is often a lifelong dream for many.

We see this kind of longing on an almost daily basis, when people pass through our showroom doors to get a look at a particular model they have their eye on. Customers tell us how they’ve always dreamed of lounging in their own wing back chair, or deep buttoned, tufted couch – and we don’t blame them! Chesterfields offer the very best in style and comfort.

Louise Calvert and her partner Sean Lawless agree; and after the pair got together Louise was thrilled that her years-old dream to have a house featuring a Chesterfield was finally realised – when the couple moved in together and Sean brought his beloved sofa. Here, Louise explains all about her love for that very sofa. Take it away, Louise…


Louise and Sean, long-time Chesterfield fans

“I have always admired Chesterfield sofas and hoped that one day I would own one – last year the dream finally became a reality!

I moved in with my other half in August last year and he is the proud owner of a lovely 2-seater antique brown Chesterfield, which is pretty worn in and very comfortable.

Shortly after we moved in together we decided to take the plunge and buy a matching 3-seater sofa.  Around six weeks after ordering we took delivery of our beautiful sofa (we had to take the front door off the house to get it into the lounge, but it was so worth it!).


‘Chesterfield of Awesomeness’

Sounds a bit sad but I can’t imagine life without it now.  After a long, hard day at work after the kids are tucked up in bed we both look forward to sitting down and relaxing on the “Chesterfield of awesomeness”, as we like to call it!  Our next planned purchase is a matching high back armchair, can’t wait!!”

A big thanks to Louise for sharing her lovely story. Do you love Chesterfields too? Got a story to share about your love for this distinctive style of furniture? Just get in touch with Lauren at lauren@comfysofa.co.uk.

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