Chesterfield Sofas: Five Creative Rooms We Love

17th July 2016

Chesterfield sofas have been around for decades but while they’re certainly traditional in terms of design there’s loads of ways you can style them to ensure they remain totally on trend.

True, some people will choose to style a Distinctive Chesterfields sofa in a truly traditional manner: with similarly ‘oldy worldy’ pieces and with fairly neutral colour palettes. Others, however, opt for a ‘transitional’ decor style, mixing old items of furniture, like the chesterfield, with contemporary pieces.

To give you an idea regarding just some of the ways you can use a chesterfield sofa as the main focal point in your home, we’re bringing you five photos we spotted online.

Hopefully there’s a little bit of food for thought in term of your own interiors scheme here; don’t forget to let us know which room you like the look of the most – and how your own living room looks? Have you, for example, used your sofa to great retro effect? Or have you combined it with modern furniture for a cool, quirky look?

Tripping the (Fairy) Light Fantastic

uoImage via

How cool is this? As seen on, this living room couldn’t get any more chic if it tried! We don’t know what we love most about it; the chesterfield sofa (well, that’s a given), the exposed brick wall, the dainty string of fairy lights or the vinyls seen in frames on the wall – help us decide?!

Gallery Wall Greatness


Image via High Fashion Home

We can’t decide if this gallery wall sets the chesterfield off, or the chesterfield sets the gallery wall off? Either way though, this is one VERY stylish room. Chesterfield sofas make great focal points in any space – and we see the home owner here has gone to town ensuring the sofa perfectly complements the rest of the decor. What do you think?

Two’s Company


Via Beautiful Homes and Designs

Not content with owning one chesterfield sofa, this home owner just had to have two. And we absolutely love the subtle use of symmetry in this room. Those lamps, those tables…it all just works beautifully doesn’t it?

Chesterfield Food for Thought



Chesterfields shouldn’t be reserved for homes, you know. Here we see one has been transformed into a cool bench (above) in this very stylish cafe. Oh how we’d like to relax with a big fry up and a mug of coffee there!

thoights from

Image via Thoughts from Alice

And finally…

We couldn’t sign off this blog without showing you how Alice from the blog Thoughts from Alice has styled her chesterfield. Beautifully boho, this room has a really relaxed look about it – and the chesterfield looks so comfy we could just jump right into that photo and onto that couch. If Alice would let us, that is.

Like what you see? Why not chat to our team about how a chesterfield sofa can perfectly complement your decor too?

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