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Distinctive Chesterfields: How to Antique a Chesterfield – Part 2

Did you catch part one of our rundown on how we antique a chesterfield sofa? If not, make sure you head over to have a peek; you’ll want to watch the video and read the description to see exactly how we achieve this desirable finish on our furniture here at Distinctive Chesterfields. And to conclude […]

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Distinctive Chesterfields: How to Antique a Chesterfield Sofa – Part 1

Chesterfield sofas are hugely popular, due in part to their traditional and authentic English look. With this in mind, many of our customers opt for an ‘antique’ finish on their sofa or chair, which can be achieved by ensuring their furniture is upholstered in one of the nine shades of leather from our ‘antique’ range. […]

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How to: Replacing a Chesterfield Sofa Button

Our Chesterfield furniture is built to last; we even offer a lifetime guarantee as we’re so convinced of the quality of our product. However, as with any piece of this nature, general wear and tear may occur on occasion, which is why we like to offer a little help in the form of our videos […]

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How to: Readjusting a Pleat on a Chesterfield Sofa

Bought a Chesterfield from us recently? On occasion, some of you may notice that a pleat may naturally fall out – and further to an enquiry from a loyal customer, we’ve decided to put together this short video which shows you just how you can readjust a pleat on your sofa should you need to. […]

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