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Looking After Your Chesterfield Archive

Care for your leather furniture

Due to recent record breaking hot weather we were lucky enough to have recently, we thought it would be a good idea to remind you how to care for your leather furniture! The heat can really dry out the leather, as it is skin after all, so if your furniture is feeling a little dry […]

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How to clean your Leather Chesterfield

We have many customers and non-customers ring and enquire how to clean their Chesterfield sofa. We suggest to try and wipe it over with a damp warm soft cloth every week as this should help your Chesterfield to look its best at all times.

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Simple Aftercare for Your Chesterfield Sofa

Your Distinctive Chesterfield was made with care by time served craftsmen and we want it to look as good in the years ahead as it did when it left our workshops. You do not want your leather to dry out prematurely so try not to place it next to hot radiators as an example. Never […]

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