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Handmade Heroes Archive

Handmade Heroes: Meet Louise West, Lace Maker Extraordinare

If you’ve ever visited an old relative and had your tea and cake served on lace doilies, we’re pretty sure your perception of the delicate material is 100% positive. After all, it’s such a lovely, dainty fabric. So who knew lace actually holds a bit of a dark history?! We certainly didn’t here at Distinctive […]

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Handmade Heroes: Meet Supriya of Jasmine White London

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last posted a ‘Handmade Heroes’ post, in which we interview someone who makes a living creating something lovely with their hands. Don’t worry though, the Handmade Heroes slot is back today, and today the spotlight is firmly on a lady who doesn’t fear the usually-dreaded clashing colours […]

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Handmade Heroes: Meet Seamstress Alyson Bond

Our workshop team here at Distinctive Chesterfields uses every last inch of our 100% bovine leather hides to handcraft our stunning sofas and chairs, even saving what small scraps are sometimes left over to send off to the people who make the buttons which feature on the furniture’s unique buttoned backs. And we’re about to […]

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Handmade Heroes: Meet Mark at Beanie Brand K-nit

We know that crafting something from scratch takes time, effort and commitment. As such, we’re thrilled to be able to both connect with and really get behind fellow artisans from around the world, as part of a new series here on the Distinctive Chesterfields blog. Handmade Heroes aims to champion anyone who uses their hands […]

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Handmade Heroes: Meet Jewellery Maker Tamara Gomez

If you’ve stumbled across this very website (and blog), you’re probably a fan of all things bespoke. Many people find us here at Distinctive Chesterfields because they’re in the market for a piece of furniture that has been created by hand to their exact specifications and requirements. We’re proud of our craftsmen here in Honley, […]

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