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Distinctive Book Club Archive

Distinctive Book Club: Seaside Tinkered Treasures by Elyse Major

Love the distinctive floral designs of Cath Kidston? Nodding your head in agreement? You’ll definitely want to check out Elyse Major’s blog Tinkered Treasures, which combines pastel shades and ditsy prints in what can best be described as an online haven for folks who love to ‘get crafty’. Launch Party Elyse shows you how to […]

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Distinctive Book Club: Decorate with Flowers by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring

Professional golfer Walter Hagen, of all people, once said: “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” The man was right, you know – life is always brighter when flowers are involved. They cheer you up during boring hospital stays, brighten your […]

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Distinctive Book Club: Creative Family Home, By Ashlyn Gibson

We love reading here at Distinctive Chesterfields; the tumbling, rhythmic loveliness of a great poem, the perfect prose of a must-read best-seller. But occasionally – and though it pains us to admit it – our inner six-year-old selves need to see colour. A feast of bright, joyful colour. And pictures – lots of them. It’s […]

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Distinctive Book Club: Decorating with Style by Abigail Ahern

We may deal in traditional furniture here at Distinctive Chesterfields, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate contemporary decor. In fact, on an almost daily basis customers and friends over on our Facebook page share with us photos of their beautifully-styled living rooms, surprising us with how effortlessly they’ve incorporated old and new – slotting a […]

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