How to: Replacing a Chesterfield Sofa Button

18th February 2014

Our Chesterfield furniture is built to last; we even offer a lifetime guarantee as we’re so convinced of the quality of our product. However, as with any piece of this nature, general wear and tear may occur on occasion, which is why we like to offer a little help in the form of our videos over on the newly created Distinctive Chesterfields’ YouTube channel.

Here, our workshop manager Will Couch (appropriate surname, eh? – we promise it’s his real name, too!) explains how to replace a damaged button on a Chesterfield sofa, should you need to pop a new one in. It’s so easy you can manage it at home with little fuss, but if you ever have a query about your sofa and how to maintain its beautiful appearance, do get in touch.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel by heading to the link above and hitting ‘Subscribe’. You can also find us on Facebook here.

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