Signature Chesterfield Sofa Range

Your Signature is your personal endorsement and is unique to you. It says this is me and I leave my mark.

Because here at Distinctive Chesterfields, all of our products are handmade and crafted here in the North of England, we can offer a truly bespoke service, to satisfy your individual requirements.

Every element of the product can be altered to your specification, be it taller, deeper, wider or longer.

We can upholster and polish in literally any stain, fabric or leather, either specified by you or colour/ pattern matched to a sample.

If you are looking for a centre piece, be it for home, or commercial project, look no further than signature.

For further information, contact our sales department.

Signature Chesterfield Sofa

By Distinctive Chesterfields

Green Chesterfield Sofa

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