Chesterfield Suites

Chesterfield Suites

Our superb range of luxurious chesterfield suites are designed to impress, with beautiful traditional designs, a range of styles and the option for you to configure yours as you see fit.

Each of our famed suites are made to order and created by hand here in the UK, using quality materials ensuring that you get an extremely high quality product at a great price. Don't forget that each of the prices displayed aren't just for the sofa but for the entire suite! This means you will be getting a fantastic deal that will be very hard to beat.

Our dedicated team members are passionate about each and every piece of furniture they produce whether it's a huge custom sofa or a small accessory. Whether you are a new customer or an existing one, you can rest assured that you will get endless quality each and every time you shop with us. Our craftsmen are highly skilled and won't allow any product to leave unless it adheres to their incredibly high standard and rightly so, so wherever you look, you will see nothing but a perfect finish each and every time.

Below you will see our range of unforgettable chesterfield suites, with personal configuration options available for each. It's not just about the material or colour either, as you will have a selection of sofa size, number of sofas and optional chairs. For example, the popular Holyrood Suite has three available options. Choose between a three seat sofa with two chairs, a three seat sofa and a two seat sofa or two three seat sofas. This isn't all, if you prefer a certain suite but aren't satisfied with the available options, we're happy to discuss special projects, so you can get the preferred number of sofas and/or chairs, still at an unbelievable price.

Whether it's for your home, office or another place of business, we are sure that our suites will look simply marvellous. Each and every inch of the sofas and chairs show quality thanks to the detailed attention and care that goes into them.

Do you need help picking your perfect chesterfield suit? If so, contact us by phone on 01484 663 294 or come and visit us in person at our large showroom.

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