Chaise Longue

Chaise Longue

If you're searching for something a bit different than a sofa or standard chair but you're not quite sure what to go for, why not choose one of our leather chaise longue chairs and add a beautifully designed and quite fascinating piece of furniture to your interior.

These are superbly designed and hand made by us in the UK using the finest materials including solid hardwood frame and luxury leather, which is hand stitched over the padding. Chaise Longue actually means 'log chair' in French and that's exactly what it is! As you can see from the examples below, each of them offer a stunning elongated design with a slightly different shape, giving you more choice when it comes to matching to your interior. There is also a vast range of leather to choose from, so you can give it the traditional look it deserves or maybe spice things up a bit by ordering one in a bright colour!

The Paris Chaise Longue for sale offers a stunning curving design from top to bottom and looks simply fantastic with the classic buttoned chesterfield style. The soft cushioning across the top and along the edges, ensures a pleasant sitting experience and it's so comfortable, you can even use it as a day bed. The Duchess model offers a smoother finish, with a flat base, curving end and comfortable back. All of which contains soft foam, a studded design and visible wooden feet, which give a beautiful contrast to the smooth leather surface.

The third model is the Princess, which features a solid wooden back. This has a much more traditional look and is ideal for traditional interiors. The base is flat and one end curves high and around, with a stunning buttoned finish. This features straight wooden feet, matching the hard wooden back. But no matter which model you go for, don't forget to can personalise them to you.

The choice really is yours, so take your time to decide which one would be best for you and don't hesitate to contact us on 01484 663 294 if you need any help.

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