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Leather Sofas

Leather Sofas

Are you looking for a brand new leather sofa? You’ll find a stunning selection to choose from here at Distinctive Chesterfields.

Whether you’re after a piece with super soft cushioning or something a little firmer, you’ll be spoiled for choice in our Honley (West Yorkshire) showroom. If you don’t like the idea of a cushioned base, why not go for a buttoned base? They’re firmer but still very comfortable; our Blenheim and Kensington models offer a great place to start if this is what you’re looking for.

Why Choose Distinctive Chesterfields for your Leather Sofa

Distinctive Chesterfields is a British independent furniture brand that you can trust. Founded by husband and wife team Steve and Clare Laidlaw in the heart of West Yorkshire, a Distinctive Chesterfields sofa is guaranteed to be of the utmost quality and highest manufacturing standards.

You’re guaranteed only the best piece of furniture from Distinctive Chesterfields that will meet your every requirement. Not only will it arrive with a lifetime guarantee, but it will be handmade and upholstered in the West Yorkshire showroom with bespoke sizing available upon request. With upwards of 50 different colours of leather, including the classic and traditional as well as fun and contemporary, and range of different sofa shapes and styles in addition to custom sizing, the leather sofa you choose can be unique to fit the requirements of your home.

Popular Leather Sofa Colours

With a vast range of more than 50 colours available in our leather sofa collection, you’ll be spoiled for choice. There are three options of leather types at Distinctive Chesterfields: antique, premium and deluxe, each chosen for its unique finish and exquisite consistency. Every sofa that leaves our showroom has been hand finished and upholstered, and with your choice of leather type and colour included, you’re also getting a piece that’s as individual as its owner. Within the large variety of leather colours we have available, there’s something to complement the most conservative of tastes and home décor styles right up to the most extravagant or quirky.

An antique style brown leather sofa is always a popular interior design choice, recommended to suit those looking for something classic and traditional to bring a classic sophistication and warmth to your home. The traditional brown leather chesterfield will complement everything from a charming country home to a chic city apartment, with various sizes available to fit every home.

White leather sofas have been a favourite choice for years and this option won’t be taking a backseat any time soon. White neutrals create the illusion of space and light in a room, so a white leather sofa makes a good decision for bright and airy rooms to continue the theme or to bring a contemporary and elegant feature to a more minimalist home.

No matter what colour you choose for your leather sofa, you will find that you have a long lasting and durable piece for your home that has a timeless and classic style.

Leather Sofa Care

A leather sofa is a brilliant choice for any home. Not only will it bring a stylish touch, but leather is renowned for being durable, comfortable and easy to maintain and keep clean. Leather is a strong and hardy material that will withstand years and years of daily wear, being resistant to most trauma and is ideal for busy family homes.

A leather sofa does require a bit of regular care to keep it in its optimal condition and extend its life span, but fortunately this is very easy to do:

Leather Sofa Accessories

One of the big positives of buying a leather sofa is that it’s both attractive and comfortable in your home, which is exactly what you want when it’s a piece of furniture that you will see and use every day. As a natural fabric, leather easily adjusts its temperature to changes in the weather. This means that the leather remains cool in the summer but warm in the winter as a breathable fabric that gradually becomes softer and gentler with age.

Leather is also highly versatile, particularly in the classic and popular colours such as brown and neutrals. A leather sofa can easily be incorporated into almost every style of design and can be dressed up with a range of simple and stunning accessories to really make it shine. For comfort and cosiness, Distinctive Chesterfields offer a collection of traditional and charming cushions and throws in designs ranging from subtle herringbone to dramatic tartans.

To add a more luxurious feel to a leather chesterfield while also enhancing the comfort, a coordinated bolster or seat topper is an excellent choice.

Simply pick up the phone today and let us in on what you’re looking for; we’ll have the right shade for you in the style of your choice.