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One in ten Brits never clean their sofas!

One in ten Brits never clean their sofas, despite three quarters of them being stained with food, drink and even bodily fluids! We made this unpleasant discovery during our recent nationwide survey, which further revealed that 20% of people considered disguising their marks using either cushions or a throw as a simple ‘cleaning’ solution. Those […]

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One in Ten Co-habiting Couples Don’t Share a Bed

We recently ran a survey hoping to identify the sleeping habits of UK couples and discovered that ten percent of couples don’t share a bed! Our data also found that people in Yorkshire were most likely to not share a bed with their partner, with 14% of respondents admitting to sleeping separately. Couples in Wales […]

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Fancy a Linen Sofa?

Freshen up your living room this summer with a linen sofa from Distinctive Chesterfields.

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