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Exciting News! Our Huddersfield Town Centre Showroom’s Coming Soon…

Guess what?! We’re just weeks away from cutting the ribbon on a brand new showroom, located in Huddersfield centre. At the moment, anyone visiting us from Huddersfield’s centre needs to set aside a good 20 minutes to get to our showroom in picturesque Honley by car, so we can’t tell you how excited we are to be able to make things a little easier for you.

Anyone who isn’t from Huddersfield will be thrilled to know that our new premises is just a five-minute walk away from the train station and even closer to the bus station! Situated on the town’s busy ring road, the showroom is within a stone’s throw of Huddersfield’s large Lidl supermarket, and within perfect distance of the main shopping high street.


Pictured above: our bestselling Hampton sofa

Our workshop will remain in Honley, with our team of talented upholsterers still working around the clock to manufacture your furniture, ready for it to be shipped worldwide.

We are, of course, currently recruiting for new showroom staff for our new premises. Expanding our current team, it’ll mean you’ll benefit from even better service than you’re already used to.

Excited to see our new showroom? Keep your eye on our  blog and via our Facebook page for all the details ahead of our launch date – coming soon!

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