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When Buying a Leather Sofa, the difference in between leathers explained

We have customers call to find out ‘What is the difference between our leather‘, well I will give you a few pointers of each of the leather ranges we use.

Antique Leather

Better known as rub off leathers, these have been buffed and corrected to remove imperfections and embossed with a traditional print. Then the top coat can be removed to reveal its base coat for a two tone effect. We tend to do this on the high points of a chesterfield sofa or club chair, to give it the aged look.

Premium Leather

In total we have 19 colours in this range and they are all pull up leathers, they have a slight distressed finish. Some of the leathers in the range are lightly brushed with beeswax to give a pleasent matt apperance and some with a blend of oils and waxes to give a buff effect.

Hand dyed Leather

This is the most prestigous range we offer, the Newcastle colours are very smooth, full grain leathers finished with a blend of oils to acheive a pull up effect and a glossy finish. These leathers create a classic ‘Old Saddle’ apperence. Healed scars, scratches, neck and belly wrinkles will be apparent throughout these hides. They are  pure aniline leathers and so hides will fade in prolonged sunlight. The other four colours in this range Oak, Ebony, Chestnut and Walnut are vegatable tanned in a traditional way and is of the highest quality. Aniline dyed and hand padded to give a unique finish.

All the leathers we use for are products are good quality leathers and come from well known British tannerys and have been regarded by professionals and desingers as the benchmark for the industry.

Call or email now for a leather swatch.

Contemporary Designer Chesterfield Sofa

Are you looking around your living room or office thinking how can I cheer my self up, I know I am. All this doom and gloom talk along with bad weather! Why not take a look at our signature range.

We have brought the Chesterfield sofa in to the 21st century.

We have made  high quality and great looking sofa’s in all different shades of leather, vinyl and fabric so don’t be shy to give us a call, i can guarantee you, you won’t be the only ones wanting something a little bit daring and out or the ordinary.

We will try our best to help you in any way possible so go on give us a call or an email and speak to our sales team.


Free Delivery On Chesterfield Sofas.

The deal of the year is already here!

We are offering free delivery on all orders over £2995 to the United Kingdom and Europe. This could potentially save you up to £395 on the total purchase price of your new Chesterfield Sofa.

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Where Can I Rent a Chesterfield Sofa?

We have people calling us all the time about the rental of our Chesterfield sofas, and if you’re looking for something specific we can certainly have a discussion with you regarding your requirements.

Hiring a Chesterfield is a great and easy way to set a scene if you are throwing a party, conference, or just surprising someone.

Essex Leather Sofa

If you are looking for something out of the norm don’t worry just give us a call or fill in a contact form to see if we can help.

Amazing Special Offers on a Kendal Sofa.

It’s Here!!! The most common question we are asked when customers come to our showroom is ‘Which is your best or favourite Chesterfield sofa’. Well we don’t have a favourite and its always down to personal choice,  however we do have a chesterfield that we consider to be our flag ship and that would have to be the Kendal leather chesterfield sofa.

We believe this leather chesterfield combined with the Kendal club chair is most definatley one of the best to be seen. This can be taylored to your choice in finish Antique, Premium or Hand dyed leather and naturally with a full range of different colours.

With all the ranges in Distinctive Chesterfields we can send you leather swatches upon request so you can have a good look and feel of the leather before you order.

Check out our sale page where you will find an amazing deal on the Kendal 3 seat sofa, it is only £1250. This is massive saving of £500.00 and can be seen in a special order premium ivory white leather.

Discounts on The Dorset Club Chair Now Only £450.00

The Dorset Club Chair is a great comfy chair that would look great as part of most house hold situations. It is a part of a suite that could even be used in hotels or offices for that extra bit of comfort.

As part of the Distinctive Chesterfields leather sofa range the Dorset club chair has a solid beech frame with mahogany bun feet. The chair is individually hand studded and has hand stuffed cushions for extra softness.

The Dorset club chair is on special offer in premium white leather at an amazing price of only £459. That is a massive saving of £324.00

If this colour is not for you then why not have a look at the fantastic ranges of leather that Distinctive Chesterfields offer, and naturally the three different finishes of leather they offer.

Dorset Club Chair